Nicotine Pouches - A Beginners Guide

Nicotine Pouches - A Beginners Guide

With an increase in people quitting smoking, various forms of nicotine replacement have been introduced. Those seeking to kick the habit can now do so by use of a range of products, including lozenges, patches, sprays, inhalators and most notably vaping. Despite all of these smoking cessation products, a new concept has hit the market and is perhaps the biggest rival to vaping, a new, discreet, effective and contemporary solution - Nicotine Pouches. 

What are Nicotine Pouches?

Nicotine pouches are a discreet and safe way to consume nicotine. Typically consisting of a soft white pouch, filled with nicotine, water, plant fibres, flavouring and sweeteners. The user places the pouch in their upper lip for anywhere between 10 minutes to 60 minutes, enjoying a steady release of nicotine. 

What Does it Feel Like to Use a Nicotine Pouch?

The user can expect a mellow buzz due to both the stimulating and relaxing properties of nicotine. Because of the method of consumption being buccal (between the gum and cheek), the absorption of nicotine is more gradual and longer-lasting than that of a cigarette or vape, and in turn, potentially more satisfying. When a nicotine user consumes nicotine via inhalation, the nicotine is rapidly absorbed through the lungs and quickly transported into the bloodstream, crossing the blood-brain barrier very fast, resulting in a ‘hit’. This ‘hit’ or ‘rush’ associated with smoking and vaping leads to a crash, due to the fast increase in blood nicotine, followed by a fast decrease. This crash can lead the user to consume more nicotine, in quick succession after the last dose. Using nicotine pouches can help alleviate this constant urge to feel the ‘hit’. As stated before, the nicotine gets released in a much more gradual and satisfying manner, for as long as the user requires. 

Nicotine Pouches vs Snus

Many people mix the terms nicotine pouch and snus up. Yes, the concept of nicotine pouches is undoubtedly based on snus, however, they are two very different products. The most important point to consider in distinguishing the difference between these two products are the main ingredients, for nicotine pouches this being nicotine, usually synthetic or derived from the tobacco plant, and for snus, this being tobacco. Snus, unlike nicotine pouches, contains tobacco. This is a distinct difference and accounts for the differences observed in the snus experience, vs the nicotine pouch experience. For example, tobacco is dark coloured and can therefore stain the user’s teeth, a problem not associated with nicotine pouches, because of their white colour. Furthermore, the tobacco-containing aspect of snus indicates differences of increased harm to the user compared to nicotine pouches, with tobacco being associated with cancer and an array of other health complications. It should be noted, however, that snus has been identified by some as a safer way to consume tobacco than smoking. 

Should I Start Using Nicotine Pouches?

If you are an existing user of nicotine products, looking for a smokeless, discreet, healthier, trendy, and enjoyable way to get your next nicotine fix, then yes! With an ever-growing development of new nicotine pouch products, the time has never been better to start. Expect to enjoy your new smoke or vape free life with a range of products differing in flavours and strengths, to suit your needs and incorporate into a healthier lifestyle. 

Happy Pouching!

Written by: The Nic Critic - IG @theniccritic

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  • Great blog! Been trying to quit smoking for years with patches, gum and vaping… none of which I could really get on with. Started using pouches when I came across them thinking “why not” and have not had a cigarette for over a year now! Great to see them “going mainstream” in the shops now but more publicity definitely needed as still an Unknown quantity to most!

    Matt on
  • Great article, looking forward to reading more!

    Chad Jones ( on

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