Professional sports athletes on smokeless products such as Nicotine Pouches and Snus.

Professional sports athletes on smokeless products such as Nicotine Pouches and Snus.

When we think of nicotine, we never associate it with elite-level sport athletes as we just believe they are not allowed to use it as it will affect their performance and health. However, nicotine can be consumed via other methods instead of smoking/vaping, including nicotine pouches (also known as snus) that are placed under the lip, resting along the gums.

In fact, many top sports performers use these pouches as a means of relaxing and have been using them for many years now for example when Leicester City star Jamie Vardy was photographed holding a can of Thunder snus during the Euro 2016 and told the news that he was introduced to them by another professional player. Former Liverpool star Charlie Adam also suggested that a lot more players use smokeless products like snus than most people realise, this is most likely because of how discreetly they can be used compared to when you light up a cigarette. We at First Line Pods have also provided smokeless products to many top athletes in football, boxing, rugby, cricket and hockey but won't be mentioning any names. 

These pouches provide the stimulation of nicotine without the need to inhale smoke and other harmful chemicals. As we know smoking is known to have an adverse effect on performance levels as athletes need oxygen-rich blood pumping to the heart, lungs and muscles. Despite the clear health and performance problems smoking causes, many professional athletes still smoke due to the hugely addictive properties of tobacco. This is why many of them make the switch over to smokeless products like Nicotine Pouches or Snus because of the alternative positive effects it has compared to smoking. Athletes have stated they use the smokeless alternative because "it makes them feel relaxed", "gives an energy boost" and "improves mental sharpness".

In Sweden, smokeless products are part of cultural heritage which is why it makes sense to see so many Swedish athletes even train with a pouch under their lip. Sports such as Ice-hockey, Basketball and even long-distance running are full of Nicotine Pouch users. If you look closely enough, you might spot a bulged up lip and be surprised at how many star athletes actually use them.

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