The Best Nicotine Pouches for Starters

The Best Nicotine Pouches for Starters
People new to nicotine pouches are presented with an abundance of choice in products in 2022. Whilst it is great to have a choice in what pouch you use, this may make it difficult to know where to start!
If you are browsing our vast selection of products and struggling with deciding on what pouches to place in your first order, look no further! First Line Pods have you covered with this guide to the best starter nicotine pouches in 2022!


Before You Choose Your Pouches 

Although it would be completely fine to pull the trigger on ordering a random selection of nicotine pouches, there are a few points to consider in the interest of getting the most out of your first order.

  1. Are You an Existing User of Nicotine Products? – First Line Pods do not encourage the use of nicotine pouches for people who are not existing users of nicotine products. Not sure if you fall into this category? If you smoke, vape, chew tobacco, use snus, snuff, or any other form of nicotine-containing product, you are an existing user of nicotine products. So, with that said, if you are an existing user of nicotine products, the next step is to decide on a strength to start with.
  2. Strength Selection – It may be tempting to place an order for just the strongest nicotine pouches, with the belief that such products will provide the best experience. This is certainly not true and may result in unwanted side effects. We would not want your first order with us to be a bad one, so for this reason, you should consider your past nicotine use when selecting strengths. Regardless of whether you were/are a heavy smoker or vaper, nicotine pouches of high strength can be overwhelming.
  3. Work Your Way Up – Start your nicotine pouch journey at low strength. You can always move up in strength slowly until you reach an mg/pouch level that satisfies your nicotine needs. It is better to do it this way, rather than dive straight into the deep end and be put off nicotine pouches for good!

Now that you are aware of the points to consider before placing your first order, it is time for some nicotine pouch order inspiration by First Line Pods. All the products featured in this guide can be found on our website.

Best of the Big Brands for Starters

Ace – Ace are a Danish brand that has recently taken the UK by storm. All of Ace’s products have an amazingly soft portion material and big, bold flavours that make for a great first nicotine pouch experience. All the Ace starter products featured in this section contain 8mg of nicotine per pouch, providing a stimulating kick, without being too intense.

  1. Ace Eucalyptus – A clean eucalyptus kick that is very refreshing and bold. Buy Ace Eucalyptus Here
  2. Ace Extreme Cool – Icy mint, with an ‘extremely cool’ cooling sensation. Guaranteed to get you up and going. Buy Ace Extreme Cool Here
  3. Ace Green Lemon – An alternative flavour from mint or menthol in the Ace range. You can expect very forward citrus notes in this pouch, perfect for a summer’s day, and pairs great with a cold beer! Buy Ace Green Lemon Here
  4. Ace Liquorice Mint – Described by the name, this pouch is a fusion of liquorice and mint. If you are feeling adventurous, this pouch will not disappoint! Buy Ace Liquorice Mint Here
  5. Ace Cool Mint – By this point, you may have noticed the word ‘mint’ a lot! But Ace has nailed the mint flavour with this pouch, capturing the true essence of the cooling properties of fresh mint. Buy Ace Cool Mint Here

LYFT/VELO – LYFT is a big name in the nicotine pouch industry. Also sold under the name Velo in the UK, this company have a range of products that are great for newbies.

  1. LYFT Easy Mint – As indicated by the name, this is an easy pouch. Light in strength and flavour at 6mg and a boost of fresh mint, this is a great pouch to get started with. Buy LYFT Easy Mint Here
  2. LYFT Berry Frost Mellow – Not a fan of mint? Or want to switch it up with a different, unique flavour? LYFT have you covered with their Berry Frost Mellow pouches. Mellow in flavour and effect at 6mg with notes of berry, menthol, and mint. Buy LYFT Berry Frost Mellow Here
  3. LYFT Summer Beat (Limited Edition) – With summer well on the way, enhance your sunshine experience with LYFT Summer Beat. These pouches take it up a small notch in strength at 8mg, alongside capturing the essence of summer with orange, citrus, and floral tones. Buy LYFT Summer Beat (Limited Edition) Here

Best New Nicotine Pouches for Starters

As a starter, there is no need to confine yourself to just the big and known brands when placing your first order. There are many up and coming nicotine pouch developers, making selection difficult, so we at First Line Pods have picked out the best new brand to get started with!

TABS – TABS are a British brand, developed by us here at First Line Pods! You may be a little sceptical by us telling you that these are great pouches for starters, but trust us, we would not say this if we did not think it was true! Check out this review from UK based nicotine pouch reviewer ‘The Nic Critic’.

“At £2 a can, TABS deliver all the high-quality aspects of a pricier pouch for an amazing price. The price point was not the only thing that compelled me to give TABS a great review. The portion material was silky smooth, sitting perfectly under the lip, with no discomfort even after an hour. The flavour of the ice mint pouch was perfect, being intense and refreshing, without going overboard. The strawberry flavour took me by surprise as a hardcore mint pouch fan, it was reminiscent of real strawberry and expertly balanced, without the synthetic sweet taste that many other fruit pouches have. The flavour in both of the pouches lasted right up to the hour mark, accompanied by a satisfying nicotine kick in the first 15 minutes that then slowly reduced to a nice buzz that did not lack duration.” – The Nic Critic

  1. TABS Ice Mint – “An avalanche of ice mint flavour, with an uncontrollable cool sensation”. We think this description speaks for itself. Buy TABS Ice Mint here
  2. TABS Strawberry – “Packed with strawberry goodness, one pouch releases a burst of flavour that will bring you back to those summer moments”. If only TABS strawberry pouches counted as one of your 5-a-day! Buy TABS Strawberry here

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